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Welcome to Alta-1 Caboolture.


My Name is Matthew Vandepeer. My career in Alta-1 College started in Western Australia in January 2013 where I filled a two-year appointment as the Teacher at the Joondalup Campus. This time was invaluable in helping me to learn the heart and values of Alta-1 and what it means to be a CARE school. Early in 2015 Alta-1 Australia appointed me as the commencing Acting Principal and Senior Teacher for Alta-1 QLD at the Caboolture Campus. Its been a challenging but rewarding few years and we are excited to see the powerful changes and growth in our students and campus in Caboolture.


Prior to Alta-1 College, I spent two years and one year respectively in two roles at St Peter’s Woodlands Grammar School in Adelaide, South Australia; as a Primary School Teacher, and as a Teacher Assistant. I also spent two and a half years working simultaneously with a community housing organisation and as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation provider in South Australia, where I assisted the latter to attain recognition through participation in a quality improvement program for not-for-profit organisations.


I am a graduate of the Flinders University of South Australia where I received a Degree for Bachelor of Education in 2006.


I thoroughly enjoy fitness and outdoor pursuits. I also strongly believe in the value of a compelling vision for the lives of individuals, families and communities. My vision for Alta-1 College QLD is that it be the pre-eminent provider of exceptional recovery and academic education to at-risk young people in Queensland.


Matthew Vandepeer

Principal / Teacher

Alta-1 College Caboolture



School Structure

When enrolling in Alta-1, all students attend an introductory Transition course, which is designed to help students settle into a new environment; connect with staff and peers; develop a career pathway and the tools to start on that journey.


On successful completion of Transition, students commence within the mainstream program.  Personal and academic growth is encouraged for each student. All students complete the endorsed subjects and work towards their secondary school graduation.




For all enquiries and enrolments please call (07) 5301 8008 or contact us online.


Student Referrals

Click the link below to download a student referral form. This form is to be completed by a suitable referee (i.e. Guidance Officer, Principal, Deputy Principal, Youth Worker, Specialists etc.), who has an understanding of the student’s educational background and sees the need for alternative education for the young person.


Alta-1 operates a school that provides an alternative education programme for young people between the ages of 15 and 19 years. The programme enables young people who are not suited to mainstream schooling to complete secondary education.


Mission & Values

Alta-1 is guided by its mission statement and is committed to the values that will optimise its organisational outcomes.


Transforming communities through justice, knowledge, recovery, and hope

Alta-1 Mission Statement



Alta-1 is committed to working collaboratively inside and outside the organisation in order for its objectives to be reached.


Social justice

Alta-1 primary focus is the well-being of young people and will strive to ensure that the call of the poor and needy is met with workable solutions.



Alta-1 in all its functions attempts to provide young people the opportunity to stand on their own ultimately contributing back to the community that has assisted them. 



Alta-1 is committed to providing its clients and staff with the greatest level of safety possible within its resources.



Alta-1 is committed to the recovery and personal transformation of young people, empowering and equipping them to find hope, learn, change and positively contribute to the world around them.


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